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Salford Fire Station - The Crescent - Reunion
A list of those who attended 2012

David Jones
John Condon
Peter Wright
Charlie Gilbert
Alan Smith
Joe Omara
Derrick Corfield
Ian Blake
Mel Jackson
Paul Gudgeon
Peter Grimshaw
Jack Warren

Geoff Hough
Brian Brennan
Kevin Blackburn
Billy Bennett
Bill Jones
Mark Sapple
Dave Noel
John Baldwin
Russ Condon
Peter Batty
Joe Fish
Rob Gibson

Malcolm Leatherbarrow
John Redmond
Bob McMillan
Colin Hagen
Ken Nixon
Joe Dawson
Steve Plimley
Gary Bailey
Eddie Lewis
Eric Mills
Paul Heskes
Phil Hurlstone
Dennis Casement
Rob Gibson
Nick Cooper
Mark Doherty
Rob Menzies
Steve Plimley
Phil Sharples
Steve Palmer
Allen Doherty
Cath Palmer
Pat Palmer
Bernard Palmer
This isn't a male only get together and there were a lot of wives in attendance
It was also good to see
Vince Gillibrand
son of
Joe Gillibrand
Mike Emerton
son of
Fred Emerton
Pauline Butterworth
wife of
Tony Butterworth

Mark Condon
son of
John Condon

Margaret Lonsdale
wife of
Ronnie 'Shiner' Lonsdale

Our thanks go to John Redmond who filled the walls with photographs of Salford Firemen and the fires they attended

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The Cenotaph - The Crescent - Salford - Fire Station Square