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Salford Fire Brigade and the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS)

Here is a photo that might bring back a few memories. It was taken on the last AFS operational night at Salford in March 1968.
Left to right David Boyd, Barry Robinson (aka 'Little Barry' as he was the world's smallest A/Fm), Roy Coleman, the late Alan Redford and Gordon Burney (his younger brother Ray took the photo.)
Anyone with AFS connections/memories, no matter which brigade or how tenuous the connection, are welcome to get in touch
and I will pass the details on to David Boyd

May Birbeck - nee Flitcroft

May Birbeck and some of the Officers and men of Salford Fire Brigade and the AFS
Sub Officer Johnny Pratt on the left

A photograph taken after an exercise at the TA Camp at Washington Hall Chorley ((left to right) Alan Redford, Eddie Ashton, Peter Seddon (behind the ladies sign) Stuart Merrsion, Alan Brown and the driver behind the wheel was leading fireman Brian Walton.

The photographs below were sent to us by Gina Morris whose father George Bagshaw was in the AFS at Salford.
They show menbers of the AFS undergoing training on equipment very different from that used by the regular fire service

If you have any photographs of the members of the Auxiliary Firemen who worked out of Salford Fire Station we would please please to hear from you

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